Why the Discipleship Dashboard?

The 7 Category Assessment

The One Thing this Week and Goals

How to Use the Dream Board?


One of first questions people ask is about pricing. We have seen that life change most consistently happens within the context of relationships, and in particular, intentional accountability and honesty about where one is and where one would like to be.

Our current structure is to serve organizations, primarily churches, counselors, and coaches who are intentionally discipling or coaching people, so the pricing is based on the number of people being served by the organization.

Plan Pricing/month Current Promotion Pricing/month Savings/month
0-50 $79 $39 $40
51-99 $129 $49 $80
100-200 $179 $99 $80
201-350 $229 $149 $80
351-500 $279 $199 $80
501-1000 $359 $279 $80
1001-1500 $499 $399 $100
1501-2500 $799 $599 $200
2501-5000 $1,199 $999 $200
5001-7500 Contact us for more information

User/Disciple Activities

Recommended use of the coaching tools:

  1. Daily review the 1 Thing, goals, and dream boards.
  2. Weekly, complete the 7 section assessment to see how you are doing in each of the areas.
  3. Weekly, meet with your mentor to discuss the 1 Thing and goals section. Revise the 1 Thing and goals as necessary.
  4. Do not let "overwhelm" distract you. There are a thousand things you could do - what one or two bite size pieces will move you closer to your goals?

Coaching/Mentoring Activities

When coaching:

  1. Ask the "mentee"/disciple questions rather than giving advice.
    1. What worked this week? What did not?
    2. What one thing can you change this week?
    3. If there is a big goal, how can it be broken down into small measurable activities?
  2. The disciple should do most of the talking - self-discovery is more powerful than teaching/talking (ask questions).
  3. Help the disciple focus forward (mentoring sessions should not be gripe sessions or focused on the wounds of the past). What are their goals for the future? What does God have for them going forward?
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